We love science investigations here in St Pats.

The pupils of St. Patrick’s Boys School have taken part in many science investigations throughout the year.

We have documented six of these Science investigations in four different areas.

  1. Materials 
  2. Living Things – Planting seeds
  3. Environmental Awareness and Care – St. Patrick’s School Garden
  4. Energy and Forces 


We also hosted a science event for Science Week 2017 called Dr How Science Wows – The Eccentric Energy Show.


St Pat’s also took part in the annual Science Quiz during Science Week 2017 along with many other schools in County Galway. The chosen boys on the school team did a fantastic job representing their school. They really showed off their amazing Science knowledge on the day.

Some classes also got to visit  our local discovery science centre, the Galway Atlantaquarium. They carried out a squid dissection and had a look at the native species of sea life in Irish waters.