STEM Showcase

Here at St. Pat’s we love sharing our science and maths knowledge with other classes and parents too.

We have lots of science displays in our classrooms and around the school. We also have a dedicated science room and press. This year we went through all our equipment and labelled each press so that we can find equipment easily for our investigations.

For our open day we set up a science room for our new students and parents to see science in action.

In this room we had set up science stations with different experiments at each station.

Our stations were based on electricity, magnets and constructing 3-d shapes using marshmallows and  skewers, sugar in our drinks and healthy eating.

We had a lot of fun explaining how circuits are created and letting 2nd class students create their own circuits and buzzers.

Through out the year we have had different classes explain different science experiments to other classes as well as helping out on open day and open night.

6th Class explained how they constructed 3-d shapes out of marshmallows and skewers.

5th Class explained circuits.

4th Class opened our eyers to exactly how much sugar is in our drinks and explained magnets.

3rd class told us about the food pyramid and showed us how to make healthy fruit salads and smoothies.

2nd Class told us all about planting seeds.

Lots of photos of all these activities can be found on our facebook page.

DSCF0046 DSCF0047

Engineering week (13)Magnets (5) Magnets (4) Magnets (3) Electricity (8) Electricity (7) Electricity (6)Electricity (7)Electricity (6)

IMG_2900 IMG_2901 IMG_2902 IMG_2903Healthy Eating (5) Healthy Eating (6) Healthy Eating (7) Healthy Eating (8)IMG_2901

Rethink Your Drink

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Our Displays

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